How does a Gallardo Buffarlo wallet set itself apart from the others?
Gallardo Buffarlo
~ Gallardo Buffarlo Wallet ~ Luxury, quality and versatility.... It not just a wallet.... It is an epitome of a new lifestyle.


A fine crafted luxury designed for you… a true versatile beauty.


Gallardo Buffarlo wallet is unique. It is designed with you and your lifestyle in mind. It is delicately crafted for prestige, versatility and usability with a luxurious feel to every aspect. In today’s ever changing world, the key in your investment for a wallet is its versatility.


The dimension of a Gallardo Buffarlo wallet takes into account the exact measurements of major bank notes in circulation. So it is little wonder with such precise manufacturing philosophy, bank notes fit like a glove into a Gallardo Buffarlo wallet.


With a Gallardo Buffarlo, you no longer have to worry it will be too big or too small for your notes or your pocket. Whichever notes you fit into the Gallardo, it remains to its original form…compact and precise.


And the joy of Gallardo Buffarlo brings doesn’t stop there. We added an external pocket for users to put your most recent document like parking tickets, magnetic ID and touch cards. 


In the end, we delivered a compact, refined, sleek, durable and practical luxury we call …Gallardo Buffarlo.



Made In Malaysia